Junior Handy Little Relay Transistorised 12 volt DC Strip of 4

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A smaller transistorised version of our popular HLR12.

The trigger input can be either 12v (anything above 1v will trigger) or 0v. You select the trigger + or – with the jumper on the board.

This relay is polarised and is therefore suitable for alarm bell circuits therefore it must be wired the correct way round for it to operate. There is also a back EMF suppressing diode.

  • Supply Voltage: 12VDC
  • Coil Resistance: 720Ω
  • Nominal Current: 16mA
  • Trigger Current: 2mA
  • Output: Two Pole Change Over relay contacts, volt free (dry).
  • Rated at: 2A at 240VAC, 2A at 30VDC
  • Indicator: Red LED
  • Dimensions: 35mm W x 131mm L x 14mm H– 4 modules in a strip and can be broken down in to singles, doubles or triples as required.

Plastic mounting feet are available – order SFSA for a pack of 25.